Making the bathroom in the house is an obsession for many people today. People try different things to decide on what is best for their bathrooms. The main purpose of these bidets is to clean yourself after you use toilet. Using a bidet for this purpose adds to the overall hygiene of the person. There are mainly three classifications of bidets today in the markets. These are classified based on the way one use the bidet and the way they are built and installed. So, the first type of bidet is the basic type bidet. This was the first ever bidet type to be ever manufactured. These are separate fixtures for your bathroom and are mainly made of porcelain. This has a jet stream of water at the bottom of the bowl which is directed upwards and it washes you when you sit over it. Since these are separate fixtures for your bathroom, it will take up some space and if your bathroom is of small size, it could be a costly fixture. Well, if you are facing a problem of less bathroom space, there is another type of bidet to help you through.

The second type of bidets is simple bidet seat attachments. This type of a bidet can be attached to your existing toilet seats and the water will be directed to the spot you want. The main advantage of using this kind of bidet is that you will not have to find a separate space in your bathroom just for installing the bidet. These types of bidets can be really helpful if your bathroom is small in size. There will be a wand like water pipe which can be used to direct water to the area to be cleaned.

The third type of bidet available in the market today is the electronic bidet seat attachments. These types of bidets are almost similar to the working of the simple bidet seat attachments. Similar to the second type, these are also simply attached to the toilet seats, but needs to be electrically powered to operate. These are luxurious addition to your toilet which also has features like retractable nozzle and also has a dry air pump to dry after you clean yourself.

The most commonly used one and the most popular one among the people, however, is the simple basic type of bidets. If you are looking to add luxury to your bathroom without using up much space, then the electronic type will be the best choice for you.