Condensate pumps


Condensate pumps are electrically powered pumps which are used to pump hot or cold water. Most of these pumps have comparatively less horse power and can be used for a wide range of residential purpose. Many large industries use these pumps to transfer condensate to the boiler. In certain large industries condensate pump run according to the need. When the condensed water gets accumulated, the float automatically activates the condensate pumps and this cycle goes on. Condensate pumps of different horse power are used for residential purpose according to the need. There are different type of condensate pump like boiler feed pump and sump pumps. In boiler feed pumps the steam is condensed and the water is returned back to boiler, which gets again converted to the steam. The sump pumps continuously pumps water from a tank in order to maintain the heat created. You should always keep a backup pump so that it can be used at time of emergency. It is also good to check the condensate pump on a periodic basis to keep it functioning.

Condensate pumps are widely used in air conditioners. They carry the condensate to a distant location away from the building. Normally condensed water or air has dust and other waste materials which have to be drained out with the help of a condensate pump. They come in a wide range of product like copper, stainless steel etc. There are two types of condensate pumps like dynamic and positive displacement pumps. Dynamic are the most commonly used condensate pumps. Condensate pumps in air conditioners should be replaced if they get damaged. There is certain safety switch in the condensate pump which gets automatically activated when the pump is not functioning smoothly. These switches are very important in large industries as there will be huge damage if these condensate pumps are not working properly. The function of the impeller is to pump and it is located at the lower level of the condensate pump. In large industries certain advanced condensation pumps are used which has the capacity to re use the water and steam. There is a check valve at the outlet for preventing the entrance of drained water back into the tank. In the cold countries it is specially taken care that the water doesn’t get freeze as it will block the whole flow of water. These pumps are periodically serviced to keep it in good condition.