Maintenance of Plumbing Materials


Plumbing can be made easy if the products used in it are of good quality. If the requirement is water supply then CPVC and copper are the best products. There is a practice of using galvanized pipes at home which is not a good product and will get rusted very easily. Glue is applicable only in CPVC and it cannot be used in other pipes. CPVC is easy to use. Copper pipes are usually strong and soldering of copper wires can be done easily. Before soldering it is good to clean it with emery paper to make it smooth. PEX tubing is really good for floor works as it is very flexible. It is mostly used for the supply of hot and cold water. Only PEX pipes are able to take long extensions compared to usual pipes. Schedule 40 is the pipe which is mostly used in drains. The tees used should be most suitable for drain purpose. We should make sure that both the joints are connected with glue. Another part which can get damaged is bathtub spouts and it may be mostly due to the complaint of diverter. There is no setscrew for a spout if it is a threaded tub and it will easily twist off. It can be both front end and rear end. The plumbing methods are almost similar if it is residential or commercial plumbing. Only in some cases the work may differ in residential and commercial which will be mainly because of difference in design. Pipe fittings and connections are mostly done by skilled professional plumbers.

Plastic is the most popular material used for water supply which was earlier done by both copper and galvanized steel. There is less possibility of bacterial growth in a copper pipe compared to galvanized pipes. PB or PE pipes are the most good and trusted material as there is a possibility of clog pipes which build up deposits. Most effective and efficient repair is required in the case of leaking and burst pipes.  In this type of repair rejoining is essential with pipes and only a professional plumber is able to do it. In the case of leakage the leaking pipe should be covered by a water proof tape which will fully cover the leakage or the hole. During winter ice will get accumulated and the pipe will be broken and thus the water flow will stop soon. If the pipes are running through an unheated or an exposed area the first thing which should be done is to insulate these pipes at the very beginning of the cold season. Heating blankets charged by electricity, and wrapping the pipes with heating tapes are the best possible methods. It is hard to get a professional plumber quickly so these basic techniques can be adopted which will ensure that the things are not getting worse very fast. It is always better to adopt these primary solutions before the winter season which is easy and can be done by a common person.

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