Pipe fittings


Pipe and pipe fitting are used in all the plumbing activities. Pipes are used both in home and in large industries to transport different materials. There are different types of materials used in plumbing. Elbows are used in between two pipes mostly to change direction. Two pipes can be joined together by the method of coupling. Unlike coupling pipes can be connected by a method called union. In this the pipe can be connected and disconnected very easily and does not require any solvent or soldering. It normally has a male end and a female end. These ends are joined with a pressure. Another commonly used material is a tee. Pipes with various diameters can be joined together with the help of a tee. This can be of different size and color. Water flow can be either splitted of combined by this tees. These are used in different industries for different purpose. There is both equal and unequal type of tees. The usage of these tees depends on the header size of the pipes.

Pipe elbows is another fitting which is widely used in all pipe connection. An elbow is a sharp bend in the pipe which changes the direction. These elbows can be used in different applications and they are available in different size and shapes. Pipe elbows are available with a bend of 45 to 90 degree but certain manufactures construct them in variable size according to the need and requirement. A pipe ferrule can be used to join two pipe fittings. The two pipes are joined with the help of a circular clamp which holds the pipes together. Pipe ferrules used in certain large pipes have high leakage resistance and a high holding pressure. Pipe sleeves are another fitting which is widely used in large industries. They are mostly used by architects, designers, builders etc. Pipe fasteners are usually used to mechanically join two pipes together. Brass pipe fittings are widely used materials in all industries and for residential purpose. Compare to other pipe fittings they are strong and have a high durability. If two pipes have different diameter then you can join it with the help of a pipe reducer. Most of them come with a chrome or nickel coated. They have less leakage and can be installed very easy. All these pipe fittings have been very use full and makes our work simple and easier.