Pressure Gauges & Thermometers


If you are dealing with industrial products you will have to come across with many gadgets like pressure gauges. These gadgets are used for checking the pressure of liquids or gases passing through a closed line. There are different purposes for using a gauge. It helps you out in dealing with many factors associated with the pressure of the gas. You should have sufficient technical knowledge to read the pressure gauges perfectly.

 There are different types of pressure gauges used for different purposes. It may range from electric pressure gauge to oil pressure gauge and water pressure gauges. These are typically used to measure the pressure of liquids or gases passing through the pumps. This will help to you avoid the pumps or pipes from break downs due to excess pressure. In addition to this it is necessary to maintain certain pressure for gases passing through the pipelines for the proper functioning of many types of machinery.

It is crucial to estimate which type of pressure gauge is necessary for your works. Water pressure gauges are one of the most common types. This is installed in the tips of the pumps. This will help you to estimate the pressure of water passing through the pump accurately and also assist you to maintain the pressure perfectly.  Similarly there are gas gauges which will track the pressure of gas passing through the gas pipe line. These are also used in hydrogen and oxygen cylinders.  It will help to avoid the pressure building up inside the gas lines. An increased amount of pressure inside the gas lines will increase the risk of burst and hence it is crucial to employ a gas gauge which works properly.

You can also go for test gauges. These can be used for measuring the pressures of both liquid and gases. It is always safe to use a test gauge during the time of new installations. Most people use thermometer along with pressure gauges to measure the temperature along with the pressure. There equipments called dual service tridicator which includes both thermometers and pressure gauges. These are used in place were two gauges are required.  You can also go for economy gauges, in case you are planning to work for a lower budget. You can get quality gauges that will not break down easily. It is always necessary to check the accuracy of the gauges you use. Else it will be of no worth.