Pumps are very useful and unavoidable machine used in the day to day life. They are used not only in big factories but are also used for home use. There are several pumps used for small purpose in home like filling the water tanks etc. The basic purpose is to increase the water, air or oil pressure by pumping. It is very essential for agriculture as people all over the world depend on it. Irrigation all over the world is being done with these pumps. They can be used to spray pesticide. It is not only used to pump water but is also used to drain out water from one area to another. Fountain pumps are mainly used in gardens where a small pump is used to circulate water. These pumps are used not only to fill water but also useful to drain out waste water. In certain big gardens these pumps are used to do musical dance with water and they are lighted up with different colors which looks very attractive and marvelous during night.

Pumps are used in vehicle in order to pump oil with great pressure which is normally used in gears, breaks etc. They do a unique work in vehicle by moving the piston. Piston is the main part of a vehicle and in this the air or oil is compressed in high pressure which created energy to rotate. Pumps play a vital role in swimming pools where they are used to fill in fresh water and also to drain out the waste water. There are pumps which help to screw and they work in different ways. The pressure of the pump helps to screw huge shafts and they are used in big factories and power plants. Pumps are also used in Cranes, dozers and heavy equipment vehicles.  Many types of machinery all over the world are operated with the help of these pumps. They come in different horse power which is used according to the pressure needed. Today several kinds of pumps are available which saves energy and performs well. Another pump called fire pumps are used by fire force people. High pressure pumps are normally used in this so that it can reach building which are very tall. They have been very helpful when a fire is caused in a higher area. Pumps are used in many chemical industries, petroleum industries, steel mills and medical fields.