Storage Tanks


Storage tanks are mostly used to store any liquid, oil or gas item. The shape of these tank is cylindrical and with a flat bottom. Many rules and regulations have to be followed before operating these tanks. In urban areas these water tanks are common. The rules and regulations applied on underground storage tank and aboveground storage tank are different. Different types of storage tanks are available. Many container tanks are used to transfer liquid from one place to another. These storage tanks should be maintained with great care as these can leak through small openings. Floating roof is a must for some storage tanks. Floating roofs are compulsory in some industries like petroleum industries where more precautions and safety measures are taken. In petroleum industries large storage tanks are used where the floating roofs raise and fall according to the liquid level. A special coating material is used in the metal tanks of United States to prevent it from corrosion. In big refineries different types of storage tanks are used. Floating roof and fixed roof storage tanks are the most commonly used tanks. Steam coil provide heat to these tanks and thus a heat is maintained which prevents it from clogging. If the storage requires high pressure then the perfect tank will be dome roof tank.

 Floating roof tank can be both internal and external. According to the level of liquid these roof travels in up or down motion. Liquid like Naphtha, kerosene, diesel, crude oil are stored in these tanks which has a medium flash point. There are other high pressures tanks in which substance like hydrogen and chlorine are compressed with a high pressure. These pressure vessels can be transported from one place to another. In certain big dairies and milk farms there are cooling tanks which are used for bulk storage of milk which has to be kept at a cold temperature. These tanks have to be maintained in good condition without any impurities on a daily basis. These milk storage tanks are mostly made of stainless steel. Septic tanks are comparatively small tanks used everywhere form small houses to big buildings. The normally stored material is waste water in these types of tanks. Water is normally drained out and the solid substances settle down. These different tanks are transported from one place to another through water, road and air ways. Nowadays different materials can be stored without any damage with the help of these storage tanks.