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Backflow Prevention

backflow inspection

Are there any backflow issues in your company? Irrespective of whether there is an issue or there isn’t any, it is always recommended to get backflow prevention done regularly in order to prevent any issues in the future.  Initially, there wasn’t any law to check this backflow. As people started to suffer because of this backflow, there came a law to avoid the issue in the future. According to the law, every commercial properties and business have to get their backflow meters checked and certified regularly every year.  The main motto in backflow inspection is to make sure that sewage water doesn’t get mixed with potable drinking water, thereby preventing the contamination of drinking water.

The main function of the backflow devices can be understood right from its name itself.  These devices prevent the sewage water from flowing backward into the pipe of freshwater supplies. Backflow of sewage water causes serious health issues. In most of the cases reported, the risks due to backflow are seen in the case of plumbing systems with cross-connection. Are you hearing the word cross-connection for the first time? Cross-connection is the connection between potable drinking water pipes and non-potable pipes. Few examples to make it clear are irrigation systems, boilers, and steam pipes. If the non-potable water flows backward and contaminates the drinking water, it can cause serious health issues to the people who consume this contaminated drinking water. This issue can sometimes even cost the life of a human being.

Thus, the backflow inspection has to be done regularly.  While getting it checked make sure to get it done by an expert plumber.  On the other hand, since there are numerous plumbers available, you need to be very cautious while hiring one. If the plumber is an inexperienced person, he may not be able to diagnose all types of issues.  Thus, always hire an experienced plumber. When speaking about experienced plumbers, the very first option would be 24h plumbers.

The certified and skilled plumbers in this company are all experts in testing backflow. They can quite easily test and repair the backflow prevention devices. Not just in repairing, 24h plumbers even install and certify the backflow meter in your company besides making sure that meets all the regulation set by the state. Once you assign the backflow inspection and repair task to the plumbers of 24h plumbers, you can sit back and relax while the plumbers take care of devices.

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