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Toilets primarily aim at disposing of wastes. It is that particular plumbing fixture or the room in which it is placed. Depending on the preference of the users, you can opt for either the round-shaped one or the elongated one. 

Another feature worth noting is that it can either be a single piece (where the flush tank and the bowel are joined together or molded together) or a two pieced (the flush tank and the bowel are joined together at its installation time) structure. This can be concluded upon by the user preference. 

One pieced toilets outrun the two pieced toilets when their benefits are being looked into. The former is ideal for all age groups. The cleaning part of the one pieced toilet is much easier when compared to two pieced toilets. Also, the former is durable and there are no chances of overflowing problems as well. Most of the one pieced toilets that are made available to the public these days are available in water-saving designs. Since there is not much molding or joining done in the single pieced toilets, there are very low chances of it falling apart. Therefore a one pieced toilet is mostly opted for, by the customers. If you think you have a very compact bathroom space, then it is advisable to go with one pieced toilets. The toilets can be mounted on the floor or on the wall. 

Here are few types, out of the many different types of toilets available:  flush toilets, high-tech toilets, dry toilets, portable toilets, squat toilets, self-cleaning toilets, floating toilets, chamber pots, etc. Customizing the toilets is in trend these days. You would want your closet in red if your bathroom walls are white or vice versa. All this is now made possible.

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