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Sewer Lines

Sewer Lines

Are you facing trouble with the plumb fittings in your home? The damage to the sewer lines is a very common issue in almost all households.  24h plumber will give you a one-stop answer for all your qualms.  They not only take care of the drains but also correct several problems associated with the sewer lines.

Some of the common problems that cause hurdles in the proper working of the system include broken or cracked pipes. This is usually caused during the shifting or settling of soil or due to frozen grounds. Blockages in the sewer lines may happen due to many issues like grease build-up, solid wastage, root infiltration, and many more. All these problems can be instantly solved with the help of experts in 24h plumber. They also replace the corroded piles and issues caused bellied pipes.  Another important issue related to the sewer lines including the leaking in joints. All these issues may occur due to the usage of off-grade pipes.

The 24h plumber uses novel types of equipment and provides you the service of expert technicians and plumbers in fixing any type of plumbing problem.

Traditional Repair Method

In the traditional method, a trench is made to get access to the damaged pipe. Once the repair is finished the mud will be refilled using a backhoe.

Trenchless repair methods

Today with the help of 24h plumber, sewer line replacements are made very easy. You will not have to spoil your courtyards or parking lots. The trenchless method doesn’t cause much damage and is very environmentally friendly too. It provides you with quality maintenance.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a very easy and interesting way to solve damages in the sewer line. For this method, small access holes are made in the ground at the point where the pipe begins and also in the position where it ends. The hydraulic machine pulls the replacement pipe through the old path itself. The sewer line guide of the damaged sewer line can be used for this purpose. When the pipe moves it replaces the old pipe automatically. This new pipe will be stronger and will have a better life expectancy.

Pipe re-lining

This is a similar process in which a pipe is replaced with another pipe. A new pipe will be inserted into the damaged pipe which will provide an inner lining. This can be done to solve many problems in including root intervention, corrosion, and the like.

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